Scroll Triggered Widget Area

I am glad to introduce my new plugin Scroll Triggered Widget Area. This plugin is not an actual widget. It defines a new widget area when activated. You can drag and drop any widget you wish like a normal widget area. The widget area gets triggered when you scroll down to the bottom of the page by default. But you can control the location where it gets triggered in the plugin options page. The plugin comes with lot of customization options.

Plugin features

  • 25 unique animation effects
  • Change the background color of the widget
  • Change the Border color and width
  • Choose where the widget should display( Frontpage, Post, Page )
  • Drag and drop any widget of your choice
  • Control how long the widget area should be remain hidden when closed
  • Users can click the moving arrow in the bottom to revert the widget area

By default the widget area wont appear. Once you download and activate the widget, move to the plugin settings page under settings menu. Select where to display the widget area by checking the locations(Frontpage, Post, Page) and save the options. Along with that you can try customizing other options too. So try playing with the options and let me know your what you think.

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